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Entranceway Permit Application

Please note that a $100.00 administration fee applies to all entranceway applications. In addition, a standard entranceway installation is $700.00 (26' long X 18" diametre culvert). Additional costs may apply for non standard culvert dimensions. Special or commercial entranceway installations are all material and labour cost. The price to submit this application is $800.00. 

All proposed entranceway locations are subject to inspection and approval by the Road Superintendent prior to installation. 

The applicant shall provide a sketch with this application and place a stake on the site clearly marking the centre of the proposed entranceway. The wooden stake shall be flagged or painted orange/red at the top, and identified by the words "ENTRANCE LOCATION" on the side of the stake facing the road. Absence of a stake may result in delays to project implementation.

Scheduling of the entranceway installation is contingent upon departmental work priorities in progress at the time of application.