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Lifesaving Instructor 

The Lifesaving Instructor course prepares instructors to teach the Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze Medallion Awards, and Emergency First Aid Lifesaving Fitness Awards. Progressively evaluated, so 100% attendance is required. Perquisites: 15 years of age & Bronze Cross or NLS. Manual Lifesaving Instructor Packs (Include: Bronze Medal Award Guide, First Aid Award Guide, Canadian Swim Patrol Award Guide & Instructor notes) 

Total Cost $170.00

Online Class Dates: May 24th 6pm-9:30pm, May 31st 6pm-9:30pm, and June 6h 6pm-9:30pm

Pool Dates: June 9th 4pm-9:30pm, June 12th 3:30pm-9:30pm and June 14th 3:30pm